Why opt for an electric car?

First of all, let’s talk about why you might want to buy an electric vehicle (EV). As well as being better for the environment, EVs are also just better cars than their fossil-fuelled equivalents. Furthermore, they have nearly no internal moving parts. This reduces both noise and wear, which means lower maintenance costs.

So if you’ve taken the plunge and got an electric car – how do you charge it with green energy?


Solar Car Charging

Driving an Electric Car is about driving greener, with a lower carbon footprint and lower financial running costs.

By charging your car from your own Solar PV system integrated into your home, you can save even more money on your driving costs, whilst further reducing your carbon footprint, by using your own produced 100% green solar energy. This makes a solar panel system for your home the ideal accessory to accompany your electric car. Therefore, domestic solar and EVs are a match made in heaven.

A Solar PV Panel system will give you a completely green and sustainable electric power source, that can power your home as well as charging your EV free of any cost. Many EV owners think of the purchasing a solar system as pre-buying their fuel for the next few years – at a cost that is very quickly repaid.

Even in the UK, it is possible to produce enough power from a standard domestic sized solar PV system to both power your home, as well as providing the energy required to fuel your car.


How do you use solar panels to charge an electric car?

The zappi is Myenergi’s smart EV charger, with which you can charge your car whenever and however you want. As with all of their products, it’s designed to work seamlessly with solar PV, or any other form of microgeneration, and battery storage. The three primary modes (Eco, Eco+ and Fast) allow you to determine the behaviour of your zappi and how it uses surplus solar.

Even if you don’t have solar panels right now, the zappi is still a great solution – besides, you can always add wind or solar generation later.

In addition, the zappi has built-in open PEN protection functionality, which means an earth rod is not required for the installation – keeping install costs lower and resulting in a neater finish.

Other key features include:

  • Tethered and untethered versions, in either black or white
  • Compatible with solar PV and battery storage
  • Operate on single-phase or three-phase
  • Dynamic load balancing, allowing you to control the power supplied to the vehicle based on what power is available
  • Built-in earth fault detection, making it safe and efficient to install
  • OLEV approved for the home charging grant and the workplace charging grant making it even more affordable to implement.


Bottom line

If you own an EV or are thinking of getting one, a home solar photovoltaic system is a great pairing. Not only can your home and commute be emissions-free, but you can generate the “fuel” for your vehicle from your own rooftop. If energy independence and green energy are things you care about, this is a really attractive prospect. For more information on EV Charging, give us a call on 028 207 69210 or contact us here.