Public EV charging

ChargePoint operates the world’s largest electric vehicle charging network, bringing EV charging to more people and places than ever before.

ChargePoint is so passionate about creating the new fuelling network, that they’re committed to installing 2.5 million charging spots by 2025.

ChargePoint design, build and support all the technology that powers this network, from charging station hardware to energy management software, to a convenient mobile app for drivers.

Workplace and Public Charging

No matter what your business, there’s a cloud plan that will make your charging solution deployment successful. Below are some of the most widely used features:

• Set the price that drivers pay to use charging stations based on energy cost, duration, time of use, session length or driver group. Funds collected from drivers are electronically transferred to a designated bank account.
• Advanced access controls manage which drivers can access stations and when.
• Power Management software reduces station installation costs, lowers ongoing electricity costs and lets you charge more vehicles.
• Waitlist makes charging more convenient by notifying drivers when a charging spot becomes available for them and holding it until they can plug in their vehicle.
• Integration with fleet fuel cards, telematics and asset management systems simplifies EV charging for fleets.
• A graphical dashboard shows real-time status and a detailed map, making it easy to manage stations from your desk or mobile phone.

EV charging has many benefits for you and your company

Establish your brand as a green leader and pioneer of the electric movement

+ Align sustainability initiatives with business goals and government regulations
+ Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and exposure to air pollutants
+ Understand the ROI of your EV charging stations with customisable reports
+ Centrally manage an EV charging solution that meets the needs of your employees
+ Use grants and incentives for EVs and charging infrastructure to minimise your investment costs

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