As the autumn leaves begin to fall, many of us want our energy bills to fall as well. But often, this is not the case. As the weather grows colder and winter settles in, how can you keep your energy and heating costs down? Fortunately, there are certain things you can do to help you save on energy during the autumn season.


Follow the tips below to stay warm and save energy this fall:

Check for cracks, leaks, and drafts

Air leakage occurs because of cracks or gaps in windows, doors and walls and can lead to higher monthly energy rates because it lets heat escape and cold air enter. Before it gets too cold, it’s important to check all your doors and windows for air leakage that could keep your heater running overtime. If your front or back door has space between it and the floor, add weather stripping to the bottom or use caulk to seal the gap. This will prevent excess heat from escaping and could keep your heater from running up your energy bill. Also, be sure to check out the exterior of your home – it’s common to find gaps or cracks around windows and doors or where different building materials meet.

Consider Going Solar

If you haven’t thought about this yet, you are missing out. Adding a solar energy system to your home can reduce or outright eliminate your electric bill! Talk to our installers at Solar Power NI to find out how many panels you would need and if your house is a good candidate for solar.


Take a Look at Your Water Heater

Regardless of whether your water heater runs with electricity or gas, you will want to be sure it is set to an appropriate temperature and that it is wrapped to ensure no heat loss. Wrap the heater in an insulating blanket. Be sure to check your user manual and labels on the tank first.

In addition to checking the boiler and water heaters, remember to also check your air filters. It’s a good idea to replace them on a seasonal basis, as they can get dirty and spike your energy usage. Breathe easier (and cleaner) with a new filter.

Open the Windows for Natural Light

Make the most out of our planet’s natural source of heat: the sun. Open your blinds, drapes, and/or curtains and let the sunshine pour in. Harnessing the heat from the sun may help decrease the amount of energy needed to warm your home.

Check your fireplace

For homes with cosy fireplaces, remember this can be a culprit of increased energy costs. Be sure to do a thorough cleaning and check to see if any heat is escaping. If this is the case, you can help reduce heat loss by sealing your chimney. And remember- if you have a fireplace and a heating system in your home, avoid running both at the same time. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, consider switching to a gas, which will reduce air pollution and save you on energy costs.

Unplug unused electronics

Did you know your table lamps use energy, even if they’re not turned on? From your TV to your cell phone charger, these pesky energy suckers can amount to a significant increase in energy usage if constantly left plugged in. Make a habit of turning unused items off, and unplugging them, if possible.

Looking for Solar Power Installer?

Combine solar PV with energy efficiency, and your electricity bills could disappear. While reducing your energy use is one of the best ways to shrink your utility bills, producing your own electricity can cut your costs even further.