The benefits of electric cars

The benefits of electric cars

Pollution is one of the most pressing problems that affect our climate today. Many times, we unknowingly contribute to this problem and neglect the need to take care of the Earth.

Did you know that cars are a major cause of global warming? This is mainly due to the amount of pollution that they emit. Diesel and petrol cars are the main culprits of CO2 emissions.

Electric cars offer a range of financial, performance and environmental benefits when compared with internal combustion engine vehicles.

They are:

  • Greener.
  • Faster.
  • Cheaper to maintain.
  • More convenient to own.
  • Soon to be cheaper to buy or lease.

Cheaper to maintain

While the price of an EV may be similar to most comparable petrol or diesel cars, the cost of running one is significantly cheaper particularly over the full lifetime of the vehicle. From tax incentives and special government grants to enhanced fuel efficiency, the lower cost of electricity and reduced maintenance requirements, you could spend far less on an electric vehicle than you do on your current car.

Fully electric cars are designed to be as efficient as possible and there are generally 3 main components powering the vehicle; the on-board charger, inverter and motor. This means there is far less wear and tear on the car, with fewer moving parts likely to damage. All this means you’ll rarely have to have your EV serviced and the running and repair costs are minimal.

Electric cars are greener

Electric cars have zero exhaust emissions, which means they do not emit any harmful exhaust gases or soot in densely populated areas. Likewise, with coal now becoming a small part of the power mix, very little air pollution at all is released from modern power generation.

Fewer emissions mean reduced greenhouse gasses, enabling the UK to move towards sustainable, renewable sources of electricity like solar energy.

Fast, easy home charging

Charging your EV at home is cost-efficient, simple and fast. A compact, all-weather home charging unit can be outside your home and you’ll be eligible for a £350 government grant to cover installation fee.

For drivers with off-street parking, home charging is a practical solution. With an EV parked up overnight, charging can be completed off-peak for lower costs, and the car will be ready in the morning, fully charged and pre-conditioned to your required temperature. Workplace charging is also a practical solution to charging an EV when it’s parked up for several hours at a time.



MyEnergi – is an award-winning British designer and manufacturer of renewable energy products that increase the self- consumption of green energy. They are on a mission to change the world through green technology. How do they do this? By designing and manufacturing sustainable products that help people make the most of renewable, self-consumed energy.

Zappi product range offered at Solar Power NI will make owning an electric vehicle even more environmentally friendly by enabling the self-consumption of green energy each time you charge your car.

If you are a proud owner of solar panels, you can use any surplus energy you generate to charge your vehicle, as opposed to sending it back to the grid. Not only will this reduce your carbon footprint and reliance on the grid, but it will also massively decrease your energy bills.

If you don’t have a PV system in place, Zappi can still operate like an ordinary EV charging station importing from the grid. Allowing you to add your solar/wind system later.


More enjoyable driving experience

One of the first things drivers notice when switching to an electric car is the quietness of the vehicle, which creates a far more comfortable, relaxing driving experience.

All-electric cars have instant torque, which means you’ll always have power right at your fingertips. As soon as you hit the accelerator you’ll get an instant response and surge of speed from the car, making these vehicles ideal for city driving.

EVs are ideally suited to driving in the city and other urban areas where traffic congestion and emissions are high. The high acceleration offered by most EVs makes them responsive on all types of road. They are easier to drive, with lower stress on the driver. As well as being zero-emission at point of use.

The future of driving is electric

With exciting new technologies constantly being developed, which promise to cut charging times to minutes, extend range significantly and further enhance safety and automation features, there has never been a better time to switch to driving an EV.

Are you an owner of EV or planning to get one? Make sure to explore MyEnergi range of renewable energy products available on our website.


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