Solar Panel Grants & Funding: COVID-19 Energy Efficiency Capital Grant

Solar Panel Grants & Funding: COVID-19 Energy Efficiency Capital Grant

COVID-19 Energy Efficiency Capital Grant is the new grant available across NI.

This grant provides support to businesses for the installation of energy-efficient equipment that offers greater efficiency in the use of energy, providing cost and carbon savings. About the scheme

This new scheme will provide eligible businesses with a maximum grant of up to £80,000 towards 20 per cent of the eligible costs of installing new energy-efficient equipment.

The business will benefit from improved energy efficiency which brings increased productivity, and significant environmental benefits including carbon reduction.

It is anticipated that this scheme will act as an initial step in the development of longer-term support for business.

Energy Efficiency Grant - Commercial-Solar-Power-NI

What are the benefits of Commercial Solar Panels for Business?

One of the benefits is that you’re effectively forward buying your electricity at a set cost. This gives you a great measure of protection from fluctuating market prices and provides an extra safeguard against the effects of future regulations, making financial forecasting much easier. Delivering return on investment is critical when considering commercial solar PV, especially with a predicted rise in energy prices in the following 10 years.

Not only commercial solar panels future proof your electricity expenses but also your current energy bills. Solar panels provide free, green energy throughout the day that can be used to power your business. This, in turn, lowers your demand for energy from the grid. If you don’t use all your generated solar power, you may be able to seel the surplus to your current electricity provider or even store it in a battery storage system.

Green marketing opportunities are another benefit of commercial solar PV. By showing strong corporate responsibility, it demonstrates a commitment to the environment. This appeals to customers as it shows a company’s dedication to clean renewable energy.

An attractive quality of solar panels is that they are low maintenance. They need to be kept relatively clean; a 15 angle tilt or more means rainfall will clean the panels, ensuring the optimal performance.

Commercial Solar Panels Are They Worth Getting?

Solar panels are worth getting because of their low negative impact on the environment, and the option to reduce your energy bill costs. Some of the cons include high installation costs, but with the help of the new COVID-19 Energy Efficiency Capital Grant, businesses can gain financial support whilst also protecting the environment.


  • Commercial Solar PV reduce electricity bills

(With ever-rising energy costs, it can be challenging to get a grip on how much we spend on energy bills every month. By stepping off the grid and installing commercial solar solutions, you can reduce your monthly energy bills significantly with many businesses even managing to reduce their electricity spend by as much as 40-50%. )

  • Clean energy source

Among a whole host of benefits, one of the key plus points of installing solar solutions is that it’s an entirely renewable source. 

Increase your company’s sustainable approach to energy consumption while also helping to play your part in the fight for a more sustainable world, with the power of commercial solar panel solutions.

  • Lower environmental pollution

By generating solar energy, you will significantly reduce your business’ carbon footprint. In comparison to its fossil fuel competitors, there is no threat of solar power ever running out

  • Low maintenance costs

Following the installation of solar panels, the running of your commercial solar panel system requires very little maintenance. The technology surrounding green energy solutions has improved over recent years, meaning solar panels are now built to last. 

Besides the occasional clean (which you can book someone to do), this no-fuss solution requires very little attending too. There is no need to switch your panels on and off, virtually no adjusting and there is little or no cost after the initial set-up. 

  • Continued technology development

The efficiency of photovoltaic cells has improved exponentially since their invention and it is constantly evolving.


  • Expensive to install ( there are different grants available that will help with funding )
  • Solar energy is dependant on weather ( whilst solar panels are dependent on weather, they still work fine in cloudy weather and during winter months )
  • Solar energy storage is expensive ( there are different options available that help to store unused energy such as Solarwatt Battery Storage)
  • A large amount of space is required ( thus making it ideal for commercial buildings )

Energy Efficiency Grant - Commercial-Solar-Power-NI

An example of one of our Commercial Solar PV Installation for Lookers/Charles Hurst & Salthouse.

Following on from our five installations for Lookers PLC in England they have decided to use us once again for a further five installations on their showrooms at Charles Hurst in Belfast.


  • A new Covid-19 response scheme by Invest Northern Ireland, focussed on supporting businesses to become more resilient through green efficiency, is now open for applications.

  • The Covid-19 Energy Efficiency Capital Grant is a £500,000 scheme and will provide support for the installation of energy-efficient equipment.
  • Projects supported by the Covid-19 Energy Efficiency Capital Grant are required to demonstrate a simple financial payback between one and six years through energy cost savings as well as a reduction of carbon emissions by at least 10 per cent.
  • The scheme will close to applications at 5 pm on January 7 2021. The online process takes approximately one hour to complete. You can save your application and return to it at any time.

Energise the future with Commercial Solar Panels

Utilize your roof space to generate energy to power your growing business with Solar Power NI. With a new COVID-19 response scheme by Invest Northern Ireland, focussed on supporting businesses to become more resilient through green efficiency, is now open for applications, our experts are ready to help you answer any installation questions. Contact our experts today and establish greener commercial premises that work well with the environment whilst saving your costs.

Energy Efficiency Grant - Commercial-Solar-Power-NI

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