Solarwatt Panels

SolarWatt was born in 1993 as the vision of two solar pioneers, it is today the leading German manufacturer of photovoltaic systems, the European market leader in glass-glass modules and one of the largest home battery providers worldwide.

More than 350 people around the globe are working towards your energy future.

In addition to their German headquarters in Dresden, they also have branches in Australia, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain.

Our customers can benefit from SOLARWATT’s innovative products, exceptional quality, expert consultation and comprehensive service! SOLARWATT panels offer the longest warranties available on the market and come with a free 5-year insurance from AON.

SOLARWATT Glass-Glass modules are the only modules in the world that come with 30 year product and performance warranties + 5 years insurance!

SOLARWATT’s glass-glass modules are long-lasting and extremely robust against environmental influences. They are lightweight like conventional glass-foil modules and are not complicated to install.

These qualities below distinguish glass-glass modules from standard products, the benefits being;

• Lightweight 2mm thick glass panes on front and back
• Highest yield reliability
• Maximum mechanical endurance
• 100% protection against PID (potential-induced degradation)
• Maximum fire resistance
• 30-year product guarantee
• 30-year linear performance guarantee
• Full insurance coverage – free for 5 years

SOLARWATT glass glass panels

SOLARWATT have gained recognition for their premium quality and glass-glass photovoltaic panels. In addition to the required quality assurance tests, SOLARWATT modules are tested in real-world installation situations under diagonal loads.

SOLARWATT panels can withstand high mechanical loads

The glass-glass construction of the panels protects the solar cells against mechanical stress. These modules are strong enough for grown adults to walk over without causing the slightest damage to the valuable solar cells inside.

SOLARWATT modules are extremely resistant to hail

All glass – glass modules are tested for resistance to hail. In the test, hailstones with a diameter of 25 mm strike the solar module at a speed of 83 km/h and no cells are damaged.

SOLARWATT modules are extremely resistant to salt spray

Thanks to the unique glass-glass design, the panels are even more resistant to extreme conditions such as salt spray. SOLARWATT panels withstand all the effects of sea salt spray and ammonia.


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