Project Description

Overview of our Flat Roof Install

4.59kW Domestic Installation

~ Panels: 18 x Solarwatt 60M Style

~ Mounting System: Hilti Flat Roof

~ Inverter:1 x SMA SB4000TL Inverter

On this occasion our Ballycastle client wanted to make an investment in Solar PV which would utilise the relatively large flat roof space available at his home.

He saw Solar PV as a way of turning his roof into an investment that would both offer him a sound return in ROC payments and reduce his electric bill.

Nevertheless, as a client with style in mind he wanted his installation to be very aesthetically pleasing in order to remain in keeping with the picturesque surroundings of his home.

As a result he chose Solarwatt’s most premium range of panels, the All- Black 60M Style modules and we went about his beautifully elegant flat roof install.