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    19th January 2017

    ROC Change 2017



    Northern Ireland has enjoyed generous grants for Solar PV over the past 5 years through NI ROC’s (Northern Ireland Renewable Obligation Certificate) in which homeowners and businesses are paid for every unit of electricity they produce from Solar PV, no matter if it is used or exported back to the grid. When ROC’s were first introduced customers were getting 16p for every unit of electricity they generated, this was then reduced to 12p in October 2015 and then to 8p in October last year. However, the ROC scheme is set to finish at the end of March this year after which there will be no payments made for any new installations.





    Any installation completed before the end of March this year however will able to join the scheme and benefit from the ROC payments for the next 20 years. While Solar PV is still a viable option for homeowners and business without ROC payments, anyone wishing to maximize their return on investment from Solar PV will only have until the end of March to do so.

    If you have ever considered installing Solar PV on your home or business and haven’t done it yet, now is perfect time to reconsider it with the ROC deadline fast approaching and the cost of installing Solar PV falling!
    Feel free to contact us for a free, no strings attached quote for your Solar PV system.
    We will also be exhibiting at the SELF BUILD & IMPROVE YOUR HOME show in the Titanic Exhibition Centre from the 17-19th February 2017. We not come along and have a look at our market leading products and discuss any questions you have about Solar PV.





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